Fabricante Patatas Fritas ArtesanalThe origins of the company date back to 1971 when Alfonsa Lopez and Francisco Vizcaino’s marriage, in their quest to start a business, create a small shop of churros and crisps in Los Rosales (Tocina, Seville – Spain).

The shop was well accepted, and the sale of crisps grew. They sold a lot of crisps cartridges in the surrounding villages and fairs, and eventually had to be introducing machinery that would allow them to produce more to cover the growing demand, increase production and conservation of the product.

Work, sacrifice, constant improvement and good work, are some of the values that the founders have passed down over the years and that has led them to this day. More than 45 years support the company as a manufacturer of quality products and a leader in the snack market.


Instalaciones Fábricante Patatas FritasCurrently, Patatas Rosales, S.L. is dedicated to the produce of chips, snacks and bread spikes. It has facilities of over 5,000 square meters equipped with latest technology machinery that keeps the style and the traditional taste of its products, and has a distribution network and computerized management systems that facilitate market access and treatment of the information.

The main objective of the company is to offer a quality product that meets the demands of customers and consumers. Future projects focus on continuous improvement of processes and products that expand the range of products and offer the highest quality.

“Taste of ever with the current technology…”
“Our appetizers are complicit of great moments”


OCA-2012-9001-ENAC1Patatas Los Rosales, S.L. has implemented a management system that integrates all areas of the company, productive, commercial, administrative… It provides the necessary tools to plan and develop activities under the premises of the highest quality and complying with legal requirements.

As part of the system, the company has since 2008 with the ISO 9001: 2008 Management System and a System Analysis and Control Points (HACCP), which ensure the implementation of activities under some regulatory requirements and food safety, ensuring the quality and safety of products.