We are the taste
of your favorite moments

Los Rosales

Los Rosales makes us enjoy traditional products with the best flavor by using top quality raw materials.

Quality, flavor and tradition go hand in hand, respecting our lifelong “recipe”.

Innovation and tradition are not mutually exclusive, which is why at Los Rosales, we use the latest technologies to ensure that you enjoy exceptional quality products in every bite.

We have the perfect products for you to have guaranteed success in your social and family events.

We are manufacturers

50 years in the market guarantee our experience.

Our Products

Manufacturers of chips, snacks and bread picks since 1971.



Our fries are the traditional ones that are prepared by cutting them into slices or in the shape of sticks and frying them in hot oil until they are golden brown, removing them from the oil and then seasoning them with a little salt.

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Our appetizers are light and perfect to whet your appetite before your meals or as a snack in company.
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Our bread peaks have that crunch that makes them so characteristic and so delicious...
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Traditional products with the best flavor

Quality, taste and tradition go hand in hand, respecting our lifelong “recipe”.

Why Los Rosales?

We are the taste of your favorite moments.


We have a very exhaustive production process in large-area facilities equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, also a distribution network, and computerized management systems that facilitate access to markets and information processing.


The main objective of the company is to offer a quality product that meets the demands of customers, always maintaining the style and traditional flavor of our products.


There is a lot of work and sacrifice from our origins and we always seek constant improvement and good work as a manufacturer of top quality products. In addition, we have control systems that guarantee the performance of activities under regulatory and food safety requirements, ensuring the quality and safety of the products.


Being a familiar company with 50 years of history is very important for us to preserve customs and continue with the essence of the brand.


We offer the usual products with the usual flavor, using the means of today, since we have adapted to technological innovations and innovations in machinery in order to increase the sale of our products, offer more variety and be constantly improving.


It is not easy to find products with their real flavor; however, Los Rosales offers chips, snacks and appetizers with the best flavor, since they are the usual products with first quality and natural raw materials.


Manufacturers since 1971

50 years being the taste of
your favorite moments.


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